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...Not a problem at all!!

The driver side exhaust has a little flap that runs off an actuator that opens/closes at different RPMs and typically stays closed at idle to increase back pressure/let allow for the cats to heat up/etc...

I actually disconnected this flap (it always stays open now)... The mod is called "Golf Tee Mod" where you disconnect the vacuum hose from the actuator and plug the hose with a golf tee (I'm not kidding) and cover the exposed inlet on the actuator with a vacuum cap ($0.62 at Part Source)

The actuator is located to the left of the driver side muffler... Lay down on the floor and look up, you can't miss it! Looks like a wastegate.


This doesn't effect the car in an adverse way whatsoever and will not throw a code on the ECU (so the dealer will never know)... It WILL however give you a slight, sexy change in tone of your exhaust (a little bit deeper and meaner)

For 62 cents and for less than 5 mins of work, why the hell not!
And you can always reverse the change in a few seconds, too!

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