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Originally Posted by TNation View Post
Don't buy a 7 series unless you know you're facing 25% depreciation, poor reliability, and i-drive. IMO there's better cars out there for that price, as ballin' as a 7 series is.
Bro, why do you bash every thread on expensive cars about depreciation? You obviously can't afford the car, so you're justifying to others why not to get it. If the guy wants to buy the car, he'll buy the car.

Originally Posted by acube View Post
Just started looking for a 2006 750.

In the $50-55K range, certified pre-owned.

Would like to know what type of discount others have been able to get, currently I've been offered $1K-$2K and I would like to counter offer with something reasonable.

It's very different now, prior to the recession I would have to present an offer, this time salespeople are putting the deals together for us and they are somewhat friendly...I guess the positive side.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
I don't know how much you can knock off, but I know that Certified Series cars are usually about $6k or so more expensive than comparables. The warranty, worth around $1500, is embedded in the price, as is any replacement of wear and tear items, such as tires.

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