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I always read NSX as 'inna-sex'. Not sure what that means.

The NSX is also popular with the nation's rappers (that's hip hop type music.) It's a bling item that shows status and wealth. That's why they always rent them to show on their music videos.

Here are a couple of lyrics, although I don't totally understand them:

DJ Quik So Many Wayz Lyrics
Blow her back out
Then I mack out
Freak the keys to the lex
Or find me havin sex in my nsx
I'm from the bx
But we flex from east to west
So while you ni--as coast-trippin
We'll be cashin them checks

I'm not sure what the bx is, or how one is supposed to 'freak the keys to the lex'.

I DO know that the NSX is a pretty small car, so I'm wondering how the singer was able to have sex in it? Maybe only if his mate was a small girl like a teenager?

Here's another song:

DJ Quik Dollaz + Sense Lyrics
Because I'm floatin in my Lex and, depositin' fat checks and
gettin mad sex while I floss the NSX and

Besides this being a run on sentance, how does the singer drive two cars at the same time? His Lexus has anti gravity? And the NSX needs dental floss? I'm never going to understand this rap thing.

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