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I worked at home for a while when I worked for IBM doing internal tech support. It was awesome; I'd wake up 5 minutes before my shift, eat, watch TV, play video games, move around anywhere around my house (wireless laptop, wireless headset), in the summer I even worked out in the backyard. I could eat whenever, take a shower at lunch, and when my shift was done I was already home, ready to go do whatever I wanted. The only issue I had was in the winter months I sort of felt like I was going through cabin fever (home all day, home at night), had I snowboarded at the time I'm sure I wouldn't have had that problem.
"Driving is like a narcotic, an addiction that can take over lives. It ruins people, breaks families apart, and even kills. It’s habit that needs to be fueled. Time, money, rationality, sweat, knuckle skin, and anyone who disapproves are of little importance to a driver, and are often overlooked. Hi, I’m Nelson, and I’m a drivaholic."
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