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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
I have quite the passion for sunglasses.
I have some expensive pairs.
Curently I own:
Original, 1980's, Ray Ban Aviator's, green glass, gold coloured frame that loops around your ears in the original case.
Valentino's, Brown Glass, Brown plastic frame.
Gucci's, my favourite of all, Green Polarized glass, black Chrome Frame, with black plastic arms.
I am considering getting another pair of sunglasses soon.
Choose wisely, if you wear them a lot, and the shape fits your face(like my Gucci's especially do), women's pants just fall off.
I'd never have known that Gucci shades are panty removers. You should tell Gucci you're good at marketing their stuff.

I'm going shopping for shades today.
Selling: Winter Tires/Wheels for E36/E30
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