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Okay, I dont know if you know this but thats now how union works, or contracts.

Firstly, its not like they one day decided LETS have a strike. They were on a contract that expired. Their contract says X... They want to renew their contract, but the employer is now saying Y > X, thereofre take Y. The union says Y is a pile of shit, we want X.

Technically if youre on contract, and you dont like the contract youre getting, you walk.

Thats more or less what this is, a strike is a walk. If the city really wanted to it could say **** u too everyone and go with private enterprise, etc.

What if your employer decided that your contract was up, and they would resign you for the same job but at 1/2 the pay rate? In effect, taking you hostage for your work.. wouldn't be so cut and dry then would it now? Specially when u have a mortage to pay, and a kid to feed.q
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