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Originally Posted by MiroE36 View Post
Listen, the times posted by both cars should not be considered or compared. In order to get an unbiased test time, the car's should be used straight out of the factory (no downforce adjustments, suspension adjustments, and engine/tranny tweaks) and driven by the same driver. Sabine Schmitz would probably be the best person for this job, aka "ring-expert". Other than that, stop comparing apples and oranges, If I had 3" thick glasses I probably would take the playstation GTR, but if i want to flex pure muscle then the killer-sounding V8 is the way to go, regardless... e30 m3 pwns both cars
GT-R for example uses the downforce it was designed in wind tunnels, on a delivery of Gt-r you have 2 options for your alignment track or regular. So out of dealership i'd say gt-r slightly more track based car although heavy and wont lap more then 6-8 laps... or so i heard.

I still love this car and i think its raised the yardstick very high. Would be interesting to see what Porsche and other car manufacturers will answer with.

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