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Originally Posted by mudmojo View Post
Faster denotes velocity
Quicker denotes time.

I'll take quick over fast (as it suits my needs better as they stand today) but damn, that ZR1 sound is sex! The GTR sound is sterile in comparison.

It may depend on how many cars you have/want/can afford/project in your stable. If I had to pick a dedicated track car amongst the pair, it would be the ZR-1. If I need a track car to also do street and winter duty, then it would be the GTR.

True but for additional 5g you can get hks 570 hp you will be almost as fast in straight line with zr1 , BUT listen to this sweet noise it makes

watch at the end as he does some drive by's

and here it is gt-r with hks mod vs stock zr1

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