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Wow....1% that rough. Lets see, I work in the private sector and this is what it has been like for me for the past 3 years

year 1 = 0%
year 2 = 0%
year 3 = 0% i'm consider lucky because if I had stayed at my old company it would have went -10%

On top of that our benefits has been CUT, not stayed the same, CUT. I'm pretty sure that this pattern is the norm for the private sector for the past couple of years.

Originally Posted by Miguel View Post
Really? I believe the current "increase" being negotiated now will save the City something like $200 Mil. in non-sick bank payouts and the proposed increase in wages over the next 3 years is:

year 1 = 0%
year 2 = 0%
year 3 = 1%

granted, for the past 3 years the union did better (as did the rest of the economy). If this strike hits 3 weeks, all the gains of the past 3 years are right back in City bank accounts.

How much of a discount is Turtle Island offering now in the City's "time of financial crisis"?
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