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Originally Posted by bmdbley'sBro View Post
I can totally empathize with your thoughts, other then the carrying out violence part'
although historically it seems to affect quicker change then non violence.
but one can argue your replacing one problem with probably just a 'harsher 1'?

but yeah it seems like nobody is even protesting crap these days
I'm not saying we HAVE to behead someone, but its about our voices being heard, people in Iran risk their lives to be heard, the students in China risked their lives to be heard, and many other nations' did the same.

I know that other countries pay lot more for gas and what not, but they don't rely on automobiles like we do, I remember when I was still in school, it would take me literally, 2hrs one way from my parents house in Missisauga (Erin Mills/Burnhamthorpe) to Sheridan in Brampton if I had taken a bus, so that's 4hrs wasted per day while sitting on the bus + $3-4 per day, so I went and got a job and bought a daily driver, I'm sure 90% people here rely on a car to earn a living, so why is it so unfair for us here in Canada?

I wish everyone can just voice their opinion, on a weekend, everyone just stops driving, we'll just walk out on the road and tell the gas companies,
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