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Originally Posted by Mesbo View Post
Called BMW...for the same parts they want around 1082...even if you take off the dealer price of 15%, it's still way I guess I'll go the web route. I'll be doing a search for a detailed DIY on this, but will take to my buddy.

Max_VQ: I think I may do the CCV soon and wait on the cooling system for a few months. I may want to tackle this myself instead of using my buddy, since it will take about 4 hours and I don't want to take up a bay for that long for something that I think I can do. I have not gotten dirty on cars since my Z24 days (every part needed out except tranny and rad). I will be doing a big search on this, but do you have any links you used as well as advise on this? Should I also replace the 3 hoses that lead to the CCV?
The BMW dealers have insane pricing. You are getting the exact same quality parts as BMW parts for about HALF. (I kind of laugh when I use "BMW" and "quality parts" in the same sentence...)

As for CCV DIY, there are a few on and I don't know if they have any for the 530, but I think the 528 is similar.

Some Tips:
-Go to Walmart any buy a 6-8" square hand held mirror. This will help you see around the intake. (assuming you are not going to take the intake manifold off... I didn't)

-Change all four CCV hoses. If they break, crack or leak, you engine will run poorly due to it running lean from an intake air leak.

-Get the "cold climate" version. This has a rubber jacket on the CCV and extra insulation on the hoses. This does make it a little harder to install, as you are starting with a small amount of room and will now have even less.

-Since the throttle body needs to be removed, you have easy access to the idle speed valve. (ISV) Clean it with a few q-tips and carbon cleaner. You can reuse the TB rubber seal. Mine was in great shape and soft.

-Give yourself lots of time... This job requires lots of patience.

Good Luck.
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