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Originally Posted by xlash View Post
Just today I was reading an article in the star about this guy who is just flat out pissed at the city. Frankly speaking we need more angst ridden people in this country.

I think a lot of people who have come to this country are just happy to be here. Those who were born here aren't much different. Neither of these 2 groups could care any less outside of living their regular candy coated lives, trying to make a quick buck and getting laid while the gov't and the corporations take full advantage of them. Kind of like being bent over and pretending that nothing's happening.

A few more like you and we'll have a better shot and improving this country.

Gas prices are going up again tomorrow.
I know its like no one really cares much..or they get empassioned but it the 'i don't agree with u stfu' way.

these people ate doing something, something that will get some attention

A city councillor says a local taxpayer watchdog that has taken out ads slamming the city is twisting a few facts.

Bay Coun Alex Cullen will table an inquiry during tomorrow's city council meeting that directs staff to a"review a series of allegations being made about City of Ottawa taxes, expenditures and salaries by a self-styled taxpayer advocacy group called the Ottawa Taxpayer Advocacy Group. "

The group is preparing for a bus ad campaign on OC Transpo buses beginning in November.

Last week OTAG issued a news release that stated: “Legal extortion by City Hall? You decide ...”

In the release, the group claims that city property taxes are the highest in the country -- 50% higher than the national average. The group also makes claims the city is over staffed and over paid.

Cullen said OTAG is “playing loose and fast with the facts” and argues a significant portion of Ottawa’s property tax structure is set by the provincial government.

"While the OTAG group is entitled to its views on city finances, it cannot go around twisting facts without being challenged," said Cullen. "Our staffing and compensation costs are comparable to any other major city with our responsibilities and we have the facts to back that up, and the public should know them.”
oh its for november nvrmind
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