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Originally Posted by TheMadChigga View Post
not a joke brah, even though I'm pretty timmid most of the time, there are times that I'm so filled with anger that I'm willing to act out my thoughts.

They keep saying Canada is a great democracy country, from many levels, I agree, I love it here and I call this country home, I would defend it if necessary, but yet, all these politicians are so useless that at times, it feels like being a Canadian is about being a wuss too, let other toss us around.

The so called Canada and USA count as one when comes to economy, yea sure, we count as one when there's billions of barrels of oil sitting in Alberta, we count as one when there's a war, but why are we paying for so much more than the citizens of USA? are we any less than they are? I don't considered anyone from any country less than I am cause their citizenship. We pay the most taxes in North America in this province, we probably have one of the highest cost of living, we've got winter, we've got to have cars, we pay 13% taxes, the very little joy that most of us enjoy is driving, or that joy requires us to drive somewhere, let it be walk down the beaches, or go the St. Lawrence market, we gotta drive, with the gas price keep going on the rise and the government talking about an election that no one understands the need of it, and watching young people dying in Afghanistan for not much reasons other than helping out our neighbor. I do get angry, I do want to let the anger known, that's what democracy is about.

**** those mother****ers that have no ethics, no morals, I pay my taxes and donate to sick kids hospital, I give out what I can to the homeless even if they take that money and go buy more booze, its about being human, otherwise we are no less than those so call "beasts" that we hear from childhood stories.

So I say **** yea, behead the mother****ers.
I can totally empathize with your thoughts, other then the carrying out violence part'
although historically it seems to affect quicker change then non violence.
but one can argue your replacing one problem with probably just a 'harsher 1'?

but yeah it seems like nobody is even protesting crap these days

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