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WTF she doesn't even look 16. She's actually 26 years old, about to be 27.

The bullet hit her in the chest and then exploded/shattered causing massive internal bleeding which explains why blood was oozing from her nose and mouth. I am not surprised that she died in 2min or less but that must have been agonizing.

Yes many many people have died because of criminals who ascend the throne of power in the name of law/religion only to harm/extort/aggravate/deprive innocent civilians. It happens everywhere from Iran to the US to even in Toronto where we're levied more and more ridiculous taxes only to have garbage collectors and the like go on strike.

I'm glad the masses saw this during dinner time. Can you believe that we are making a big deal about this? Us who have been completely desensitized thanks to the internet and hollywood productions?

Whether you choose to be ignorant, lazy, callous or downright stupid understand this - there are people out there who wish to do nothing but extort and pillage the common folk/middle class as much as possible. It's here in Canada, it's across the border and it's damn near everywhere. People here manipulate the law, whereas in the middle east, they use religion. It's rampant in democracy, capitalism, communism, socialism, monarchy. It knows no political, religious or social bounds.

This girl dying is just a symbol of the many many lives that have been lost. Sometimes you need to expand you horizon and look at the bigger picture.
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