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Originally Posted by Fel View Post
Hey, you leave my Civic out of this! Besides, my name isn't on the ownership. Genetalia remains intact.

But this is my point! I was talking to my girl about this yesterday, how automotive purists won't let go of aged preconceptions despite the fact that technology is becoming a game changer in the automotive industry. Sure, 5-speed in your hand feels more authentic and sportier than pretty much any typical automatic, but these new systems are in a new league. A dual clutch gearbox and paddle shifting isn't the same as an autotragic... it will kick your ass any day. It used to be that a skilled driver could run through the gears faster than any automatic could, but these days you can't compete. The car can do it faster than we can now.

Get with the times, old man!! And leave my vagina out of this.

this is where lovers of autos lose me.. Yes, a car can be faster and the quickest thing around the ring but that does not equate to the real world..

I rather have fun and a tad slower Manual shift car than a Super Fast and feel like a jerk just having to step on the gas and not worry about anything else Autotragic. Autos lose ther appeal after the first 30 minutes.

The best thing about manuals ( for me) is heal toe shifting.. Nothing makes you feel warm and squishy inside like after throwing perfect shifts.. and not having some stupid compture do it for you.
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