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MTO + PVT (Personal Vehicle Tax) = Me less another $60

So I just renewed my plate stickers for 2 years at a ServiceOntario kiosk. No problem, $75 for one year or $150 for two. I opt for the 2 years. After a few minutes of touch-screen typing, I arrive at the totals screen and, lo and behold, there it is! The $60 personal vehicle tax (PVT) that I've subtlely heard about. $60 every year, on top of the $74 renewal fee and the $1 processing fee. For us math whizzes, that's $135 per year and $270 every two years now.

Originally Posted by Ontario government
What is the City of Toronto Personal Vehicle Tax?

It’s a new tax introduced by the City of Toronto. The province of Ontario acts as an agent to collect the tax on behalf of the city. Toronto residents who own passenger vehicles, personal use light commercial vehicles, motorcycles, or mopeds are required to pay the tax upon renewal of their plate validation.
Wow, $60 on top of $74 is an 81% admin charge. Yay. That is all.
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