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Originally Posted by gnome View Post
I chose to option 4 to meet with the prosecutor last week. Has anyone here done this before?
What a waste of time - had to be there early on a work day and wait for them to call my name. I went into a small room and the prosecutor had a checklist in front of her with all the names and pre-decided bargains.
Before I said anything I was offered a bargain to reduce the charge - I was hoping to explain my situation first ... then negotiate. This is not the case, they simply tell you up front "ok here is the deal, take it or leave it". I chose "no deal", and decided to go to court - without having a chance to explain my situation this came across as one-sided approach.

Looking for feedback and advice.
Woohoo, the charge was "quashed" according to the Judge's words. Went to trial, defended myself. My advice, show up early, check all documentation carefully, then listen carefully to all the conversations in the room before the trial; I found a loophole and raised it at the right time... "free to go" was the last thing I heard...
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