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drugs are illegal! you possess or sell them then you should be in jail period!

"MMS to organized crime and to those who traffic drugs using violence or children. Also, setting booby-traps in production houses and operating them near children or in rental properties will get you mandatory jail time. Deal drugs near kids, and you’re behind bars for sure."

I don't agree with it for simple possession of a joint but if you have a grow-op. meth lab or are selling crack then yea i support minimum sentences!

If you are dealing with near a school or near children! yup minimum sentences!

If you are posing a risk to anyone by producing drugs i.e. grow-op's, meth labs next to your neoghbour's house! yup minimum sentences!

If you are importing/exporting large quantities of drugs..yup minimum sentences!

All that being said, they should also focus on other criminal offences and institute the same gun related offences would be a big one where minimum sentences should be in place! if you possess a firearm even if you don't use it for anything there should be a minimum sentence!

If this law is also for 16 year old johnny smoking a joint..then yea it's a bit harsh!

It's a good idea but it needs to be defined as to who and which circumstances it will apply too.

will it deter this type of crime?? probably not but it will still put dealers away for a while..drugs are the root of all crime and something needs to be done..most of the time dealers get a slap on the wrist..hopefully this will make them think twice before they sell crack/marijuana near an elementary school or high school!
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