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grrrr etest failed... some help where to start

So I had to get some ownership transfering done and the MTO says i have to redo etest..i did as told and it failed in one category

Curb Idle HC PPM 200 / 718 FAILED

40KM Limit / Reading Results
HC PPM 60 / 13 Passed
CO% 0.33 / 0.18 Passed
NO 0675 /19 Passed

Curb Idle Limit/ Reading Results
HC PPM 200/ 718 FAILED
CO% 1 /0.07 Passed

Anyone help with where to start?
searching tells me misfire, dirty injectors and unburnt gas

I sometimes get the feeling that the car smells a lot inside of gas. (could be just me reving too much learning to drive it but my dad mentioned the car smells quite a bit as well) Possible vaccum leak of some sort?

Any help for the clueless?

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