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Arrow Mandatory Minimum Sentences Drug Bill PASSES!?! wtf!

Ignatieff ! cocksucker liberal sellouts

Go to google type C-15 NOT 1 f'n mainstream media link, not one!
where are we living, china? wtf?

and guess what big time dealers Want this, cause it makes it More Illegal (time)
so the drugs will become more valuable | The University of Victoria's Independent Newspaper
HARPER BILL C-15 - Google Search

it still has to pass senate, START Writing

this is what will be coming:
1 in every 32 u.s adults is in the system (parole, probation or incarcerated)
over 3million + people are in jail, more then china & russia combined. most for non violent drug offences (60%)
many of the prisons are corporately owned & the inmates make things, and way more then just licence plates.
the inmates may get like .40 cents an hour - slave work force
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