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2002 530i - noise from engine bay on start up for 1 min then disappears

New here. Excellent site!

When I start the engine in the morning, I get this metal bearing like noise for about 1 minute, then it disappears. This first started in the winter, but now happens all the time. BMW Toronto has looked at it 4 times already (last year) under warranty and this is what they have done:

1st Time: Changed hydraulic tensioner pulley and both belts
2nd Time: Fixed Steering Pump leak
3rd Time: Changed other pulley wheel/guide as it felt "rough" when manually spinning it. Oh and at this time the car jockey kid smashed my rear bumper with another customer's car. Long story, but they had to repaint bumper.
4th Time: They replaced my alternator

The service rep Mark W was great, but the techs and that kid were a disaster. They promised that this will still be covered under warranty, but I refused to go back as that entire experience was so horrible. If they fixed it the first time, the rear bumper would not have been smashed

Basically, I start my car and the metal screeching noise comes on. If I reverse out of garage, it goes away until I stop in my driveway still in reverse and it comes back. After the first minute, it's gone and will not return until the next morning start. Personally, I suspected either alternator or water pump - water pump still original. Because it only happens for 1 minute, it is hard to diagnose and I can live with it (for 1.5 years), but I'm just wondering if it could be something serious that might go and leave me stranded somewhere.

Sorry for the long post, but didn't want to miss anything.

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