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My fave was a 328 6 spd with sport package, second was the Benz...I never drove the 335i or 335d. Rather than wait for the cars, I just jumped in whatever I could. Seat time was more important than the type of car. I did get a ride in the 335d from one of the pros. Very cool. They make it look so easy.

I also got a ride in the A4, Nobody makes interiors like Audi. So nice, from the seats, to the gauges and even there version of i-drive was very intuitive. Granted, none of the cars I piloted had Nav/i-drive...

I even enjoyed the 323 but the sport pack makes turn and curves become straight roads. There's no upsetting the chassis on quick transitional maneuvers. Another thing with the X-drive is that the cars drift rather than have the DSC kick in, unlike the RWD vehicles I drove. Makes for an interesting ride. :shifty:

So, I shouldn't just jump in the cheapest E39? Got it.

93 325is - sold!

2000 540ia- sold!

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