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Originally Posted by carjoe View Post
Wow. Ever driven an E36? I'd love to know your thoughts compared to an E46 and E90.

BTW, E90 comparo drive was awesome. They had an A4, IS250 and C300 or C350 all AWD and pretty darn fun.
I have driven a few e36, and liked them. They felt solid, a lot like my e34. My father-in-law's 1992 318i is great. Stick shift, not that great shape, no mods, but drives light and nimble.

The E46 feels bloaty and soft. The 330i was the worst. It was fast-ish, but scooting around town it felt awfully balloon-like. The newest was an '04. It was very clean, but still felt disconnected from the road. The E90 doesn't compare. It feels SO good in comparison.

Sorry to all the E46 owners I just insulted. No offence, YMMV.
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