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Getrag 260/6 (M30 5-speed) and M30 single mass flywheel

As per title...

I have a Getrag 260/6 out of a low mileage E28 (160k I was told - bought from member TurboReady). The output shaft has been modified to fit an E34, but it needs the right output flange (mine went back on my other trans in my E34). You can get this flange off any 1987 or later manual transmission 325e.

I bought it when I thought the transmission in my 535 was failing, but after I swapped it out I figured out it was the driveshaft center bearing. I drove on this tranny for about 1500 kms before I swapped it back out for the original one. Drove perfect - the 1-2 shift is slightly notchy when cold, but you could probably change the oil to ATF or Redline MTL or whatever to fix that.

The tranny is in excellent shape, and has the holes in the bellhousing for the M30B34 crank sensors, so it can be used with any M30. It does need a shift rod seal, but I'm pretty sure I have a spare one at home which I will include with the transmission if it sells (I will even install it if desired).

Also have a single mass flywheel from a very early (Jetronic) M30 - will only work on M30B35 as it doesn't have the proper sensor ring for the B34 crank sensors. Weighs ~17 lb. Has surface rust and will need to be re-surfaced. Pics here.

I'd like to get $350 for the pair. Slightly negotiable on the price, but I paid more than that for them and if I can't get close to my asking price I'll just keem them and swap an M30 in my cabrio eventually.

Only willing to split them up if I have a buyer for the transmission first. Prices separate will be $250 for the trans and $100 for the flywheel.

PM or email me at mckay.paul.d AT if you're interested.

Both items are located in Ottawa but I can potentially bring them to Kitchener/Waterloo or anywhere in between (Toronto, etc).

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