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Originally Posted by Flav_cool View Post
Thanks. I was just asking out of curiosity, I didn't get hurt in that accident.
Yeah, I was just posting it for doogee's information and anyone else who may not understand the process. It's a really shitty thing to have to go through, especially after and accident.

Originally Posted by doogee View Post
Just checked out the car today. It's sitting at Stoney Creek Collision.

Someone has hit it with something more and i never noticed but the side got buckled from the hit. Looking like a write off:
Yeah, I guess it does work out to your favour much like spoony_prelude stated. Now you can get that M3 you wanted and not have to go through the BS of selling your current car. If it is a write-off and your going to part it out I call dibs on most of your stuff if it will fit on my 4 door! hahaha (seriously though, I'd be interested in a bunch of the stuff you have in that car)
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