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Originally Posted by Flav_cool View Post
I got hit at about 20km/h rear ended on my first e36, and the damage looked 1/4 as bad if anyone remembers. You could barely see it in pics. I believe him when he says it was a 60...

Hey you may have saved this girl's life considering she would have gone through a red.

Anyone with experience know how it works with claiming injury money???
I work at a physiotherapy clinic and we get alot of people who have been in car accidents. The normal process is to see a doctor ASAP. Either your family doctor or one through your lawyer if your using one. Once that doctor takes a look at you, they will recommend the best course of action which is usually physio to rehab and possibly massage therapy to work out the tissue damage. Normally its a pretty messy process, but thats the way it has to be. I know a physio in my clinic can do functional assessments to determine the extent of the injury as well to show the judge how bad you may have been messed up. I say talk to your lawyer/insurance first and see what they say the best course is. If you go off doing all kinds of rediculous stuff on your own without any of them knowing nothing will get done.
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