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I never said I was going to offer you $200.
I said I'd like to meet and make an offer to you for the amp.

And if you guys don't believe me about pricing, I'll dig out some old reciets and you can goto your local futureshop and ask them to type in the SKU number (inventory check) and you'll see the last price it was sold at and the month and year it was sold in for that price. ($199 - $299 depending on store) I have at least 5 futureshop/bestbuy CURRENT employees that will vouch for that!

I'm not discrediting this amp at all! I think its excellent! remember I've purchased 3 at cost over the last year and a bit. These amps did sell when they first came out for $699-$799 and cost at the time was around $500 which is what I paid for one of the three. Then futureshop/bestbuy kept dropping the prices to clear them out.

They are still selling for $699 in the states at Bestbuy (in florida) last time I checked.

I had it running four 10" Infinity subs at 1 ohm and it barely got warm when working it hard. never seen it run hot at all.

Bump to you even though you don't seem to want to sell it to me
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