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Originally Posted by topaz330ci View Post
Since i live at home, thats how i could make this move, saved a lot of the years thanks to the government, also, did my thing when i was younger, once i purchase this car, a year later i can have a house... with half paid off right when i step foot in it. With a bit of help from my girl! Im not a rich person at all! so i can't say i full deserve this car, but its very do-able in my case! I like to hear everyone's opinion! I really do... But basic maintenance im willing to dish out... and if worst comes to worst and something big goes on it, so be it... gotta pay to play, a common saying around here.

Originally Posted by topaz330ci View Post
oh and i'd be selling this car and getting a 03 camry which would be with me till the end, as a winter car and long distance car..... although my girl already has a 2000 camry, i could prob just use hers but i dont want to depend on other ppl.

Sorry man, you're contradicting yourself. It's pretty evident that you can't afford the car. You're trying too hard to justify it/make it work. There are expenses you're not even thinking of, nor am I because I don't own one, which will come up during ownership and which you'll never have imagined.

A Maserati is not a car you work on yourself to save money, that right there means you can't afford it. If you were saying I have a lift at home, a garage full of tools and a detailing bay, the same set of tools as the dealership and a dealer mechanic that teaches me to work on it, then OK. That would mean you're doing it because you derive pleasure, not to save money.

My friends mom bought the car for her husband as a birthday gift. THAT's how you buy a car of this caliber, not penny pinching trying to make it work while parking it outside because you don't have a garage, not eating for a year straight to pay for oil changes, and doing brake changes on the street... cause you don't have a garage.
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