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Originally Posted by rendered View Post
Don't be discouraged. He just wants you to buy from him!

Maserati is Italian Luxury at its finest! I wouldn't hesitate to buy one at all! Remember, whatever high end luxury car you buy, there's always going to be maintenance and repairs involved! Might as well go for something you enjoy!

You can easily get the Letter, and import any Maserati to Canada from the US.

I just brought in two for my customers! They're already sold though.
When you're ready, I'll give you some tips/help you out!

Recall clearance letter is easy. You just have to have the US Maserati dealer on your side. It comes from Maserati North America, and can be forwarded to any of their dealers. The recall letter is ussually $1,590US and $10,000 to change the instrument cluster and setup DRL's. You can select the KM/H option digitally through the cluster, this is sufficient, and DRL mod is easy, you can do it yourself.

DRL is easy. remove the switch assembly and superglue it in the ON position. Lights will still shut off when ignition is off. Works perfectly if you don't mind a little dirty work yourself.

You just have to get the recall letter, and tell RIV the modifcations are completed by the dealer. The letter should be forwarded to RIV from Maserati North America, or one of their dealers to make sure you don't run into any snags. I never pay for my recall letters due to all the business I give certain dealers, whom I always purchase US cars from for my customers. It helps when a Canadian dealer is asking for the letter from a US dealer. Dealers are nice to dealers, its just nature.

Anyways, you shouldn't have any issues importing one! And if you're too worried to do it on your own, I can help you out!

btw, you'd love what I just brought in from Florida...

2008 Maserati GranTurismo

2007 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT DuoSelect

Your crazy man! Those are two amazing machines! The GranTurismo is my all-time fav car! the S is even crazier, since it is a pretty heavy GT competitor!

Your a good guy, if i need help ill let you know! admissability letter and recall letters suck, i paid 1k to bmw to get my current car in, and now they dont even ask for those lol..... wish i could read the future!
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