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Originally Posted by rodo View Post
I can't bite my tongue any longer.
It's one thing to walk by the dealer on a random day, walk in, like a car and cut them a cheque, than it is to find a cheap one, see if you can afford it, see how you can save money on the import by cutting corners, etc. IMO if you're trying to penny pinch by not doing the proper DRL conversion, etc. then you can't really afford it. Please don't take it the wrong way, I don't want anyone to get mad and it's just my opinion. But if you're going through all this worry to find a cheap one, and you'll only buy one when the dollar hits par (if it does) which is only 9% away, then you can't afford it, sorry. 9% would represent 5k on the cars you've shown, and you'll only buy if you can save those 5k if the dollar gets even. If 5k is a big deal then this car's out of your league. Sorry if I sound like an ass, I'm just being realistic.
I understand what you mean! Im just picky like that, I could do the DRL's at a ferrari dealer if it comes down to it, but im smarter then that! 5k difference isn't that much, but id rather save that 5k and invest in some serious serious wheels! Thats the way i look at it. Im not the typ eof guy that would dump all my money in a car!! thats the worst mistake! If i buy a car right now at my age (23) i would only feel comfortable owning it if i had double the car value in my pocket, ONLY!
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