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Originally Posted by topaz330ci View Post
dealer would sell a light bulb! if not, replace it with a LED one off ebay, just measure it and purchase it.

Parts i got a guy that can get them at wholesale. I got cousins in europe also that have connects if shit hits the fan..... But would hope nothing significant goes on it.

I dunno man, im liking the sounds of this car and its been on my mind for a while, i just wanted to see what some people are thinking. drop 40 grand and get one of these from the states... some ppl spend 40grand here in canada on top of the line accords and camry's after taxes.. or better examples, caddilacs.

im willing to trouble myself in maintenance and hunt for parts and connects to drive an amazing car like that. + if i do this purchase now since i live at home, get it out of the way, i dont need another car for a reaaaaaaaaally long time! id baby and keep it forever!

That's the wrong attitude, and if you're going to skimp out on maintenance then just forget it. It's most likely going to cost a lot of money to maintain and if you're worried about being able to afford that then forget it, you won't enjoy the ownership. At 40k you're probably going to get an older/higher mileage example which will most likely require more upkeep. Sounds like it's not a realistic option.

Initial investment is not the main concern, but it looks like that's all your emphasizing. A friend of mine bought a ferrari 308 for 21k in the states, cheap right? Well I'm sure it costs more than a pretty penny to maintain.
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