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Originally Posted by Panerai View Post

Ya Ive seen TT's Sell for $5000 too... But their AUTOMATIC, JDM Beat on unverified garbage.

My Mods = ECU tune, Injectors, Exhaust....... Not exactly worth $6000-$8000..... sooo there must be something else that is why this car is worth something.... - $28000 - $17000 - $14500 - $14000 - here is your $5000 300zx...

Stick to your Acuras and Murano's....

and if you truely are interested in a vert... My friend is selling one... but hes asking $19000.... maybe you can talk him down to $5000...


These cars are all over the place in pricing - I'm not expecting a vert for $5g, I know better than that - but those cars that a listing in the high teens sit for a long time before selling...

Stick to my Acura's and Murano's? What's that supposed to mean? Pretty jackass remark - take it to heart that someone said you car wasn't worth that amount? you married to it?

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