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A big thank you....

I just want to say thank you very much for performing an amazing job with the motor conversion. Im not going to say swap because you guys went above and beyond and used the stock harness and made it to be the only one in the world!

Mikey - Thank you so much for spending countless hours on this project, you put your heart into this car as if it was yours and i truly cant say how much i appreciate and respect that. No CEL or any errors what so ever (even with the aftermarket headers!!!) on the dash and when you open the hood, everything seems stock as if it came from factory.

Charlie - Thank you for having an amazing shop with an great attitude. since day 1 that i entered the shop as a stranger you treated me with the same level of service as you do now and that goes a long way. Keep up the great work and hopefully our next project will be boosting her.


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