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Originally Posted by rendered View Post
So you beat the thief to a pulp and embarass him in public?!

What next? OP will now feel all better and move on with his life after he
Stooped to a scum bag level to get even?

Meh, seems pointless and just as low to me to get even over this. Thieves will always get what's coming to them no matter what you say or do. That's what karma is for!
Mark i have to agree. weather its $20 or $2000, when a cocksucker like this kid gets caught he deserves the worst that can happen to him... and btw its not just a lip that he stole.. my buddy at work whos a crazy JDM guy says this guy is already notorious on one of his forums for stealing things.. apparently his garage had thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods...

I work hard for everything I have, steal from me, ill ruin your life is my phlosophy.
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