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Haha, those crazy Honda owners! Going nuts over a cheap $200 front lip!? ****ing cry babies.

It could of been worse, someone could of took a screwdriver to his paint, and wrote Asian racial slurs all over his car, and then stole his lip... Like that poor Jewish guy with the s2000.

Funny to see all the shit talkers following what everybody else is saying yet not one single keyboard warrior on there will do a single thing about it! I don't see what the big fuss is all about.

He's lucky it was only a 200 dollar lip and not his entire car... Getting revenge on this petty crime isn't going to make it better. No one believes in karma anymore? He'll get what's coming to him eventually. No point in stooping to the scumbags level to get revenge over a silly front lip!

What I saw was, "omg the world is coming to an end! My front Acura lip was stolen! Omg my life is over! Honda for life, avenge my stolen lip!"

Seriously, what a waste of time reading that thread was!

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