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Originally posted by WhadUpp
I believe most of the T5R's came in stick, while some came in auto to satisfy driver's who want to "look" performance while not really being involved with their car like true enthusiasts do.
That's why Iike BMW's so much, they would never put normal auto on a performance machine like the M3. The T5R was meant to be Volvo's answer to BMW Motorsport Division back in 1995 when the T5R came on the market.
I'm fond of the T5R as it represented the best that Volvo had to offer back then. I have not seen anything dramatic from Volvo since. BMW still remains the top dog.
Um, who knows, maybe the T5-R isn't that great at the low speeds, but once we take it out onto the freeway who knows what will happen between the 330 and T5-R.

And Volvo has made a move recently releasing their S60 and V70R AWD, 300HP with twin intercoolers. Obviously it's no sports car, but it's great seeing Volvo trying to keep up nonetheless.

And to clarify with this T5-R, Volvo did also release an 850 R which was avaiable around 1997. It's a continuation of the 850 T5-R but called the R. It came only in Red or Black, some had 5spd manual while some had 4spd auto. It had 10spoke 17" rims vs. the 5 spoke 17" rims on the T5-R and supposedly had a bit more horsepower.
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