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Brand: BMW
Style: M6
Colour: Silver
Size: 19"
Condition: Only one rim has a minor curb rash (please see pic)
Comments: These are 100% GENUINE, not replicas, only a few months old, costs around $4,000 brand new

Brand: Federal Tires
Style: SS 595
Size: 19"
Front Tires: 265/30ZR19 89W
Rear Tires: 235/35ZR19 91W XL
Bolt: 5 Bolt
Condition: 85% tread left
Type: Ultra High Performance Summer Tires

"The SS595 is Federal's international ultra-high performance tire, developed for flagship sports cars requiring flat-out per-formance as well as excellent riding comfort. While Federal's latest fundamental tire technology, TTIC, gives you smoother, faster and safer driving, the newly developed M.P.O.(Magnify Performance Optimization) technology also offers the driver a more consistent performance not just when new but through-out the whole life of the federal tire."

$2,200 only

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