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Here's all the info you need:

-The lower two peices per side are OEM flat black strips.
-I sanded the upper trims very aggressively with 80grit to remove the shitty paintjob from before, and then smoothed it out with 400. Put 2-3 coats of SEM on it. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you sand the chrome down so hard. I mean really rape, pillage, and murder that chrome shit all at the same time. it should be left dull and lifeless.
-Go to and look up their Ontario retailers. They don't sell this stuff at CT/Partsource, or whatever. Most of their carriers in Canada are wholesale distributors that sell to the public. The product you want is SEM Trim Black #39143 it was around 15 bucks IIRC.

edit: Here, I pulled up the link for ya
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