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Originally Posted by TNation View Post
^ true, 60k out of Uni is very good money. $85k is ridiculous, and you mine as well start buying lottery tickets!
although wait, if you get into the pharmaceutical industry after a university degree, you can make 6 figures, 80k easily. The drugs/pharmaceutical industry is unreal for wages, even for new grads.
Not unless you're in sales, but that can be said for sales jobs in any industry

An interesting quote from a recent business week article:

Surprising statistic: In the midst of the worst recession in a generation or more, with 13 million people unemployed (in the U.S) , there are approximately 3 million jobs that employers are actively recruiting for but so far have been unable to fill. That's more job openings than the entire population of Mississippi.
You just have to find a niche skill, a general degree doesn't cut it no more
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