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Originally Posted by daveyto View Post
Hi Mark,

I have heard that if you have a limited slip diff that it requires an "extra" additive.

Have you heard of this?

Also, I spoke to the dealer and they told me that my car has a limited diff after I supplied them the serial number. However, I have heard that the LSD only came on e39 M5's. IS this true?

Any Ideas?

BTW...The Royal Purple feels just as lousy as the BMW LT-1 with respect to gear changes...I guess the guys on Bimmer fest were imagining a "noticable" improvement in shifts. I for one dont feel anything better..perhaps I have to give it more time.
Perhaps the only cool thing about Royal Purple is the color.
I take it your car has low milage, if so if the tranny oil was still good I doubt you'd see much of a difference.

With respect to weather you have LSD or not,... there is only one way to say for sure... jack up the rear so both wheels are off the ground, then turn one of the wheels... if the wheel on the other side turns in the opposite direction it is an open diff if the wheel on the other side turns in the same direction you have an LSD.
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