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Originally Posted by mudmojo View Post
I thank you for your offer and I would consider it except I don't think I know how to ride!

I've ridden seriously underpowered dirt bikes but riding off road and on road are two totally different things and I don't have my motorcycle license anyway.

Besides, the way I see it, a noobie on a 1000cc is stupid. A noobie on a Busa is suicide. If I were a seasoned rider, I'd make the jump but I don't think you can wait two years.

Your sig says you have an E39 540 and M5 already?
correction. 1300cc lol stupid fast bikes!

Surprised it hasnt sold aswell! Although I've heard these e39 M5's are very problematic after 100k and require religious maintenance. Although with the milage it has, I'm guessing most problems have been fixed? Good luck with the sale!

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