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My cousin + her husbund are quarantined for 10 days...
that means they can't leave their house at all ! They get fed by the government that brings food to their house and whateer they need.

2 Buffalo Sabres hockey players are quarantined,for fear that they were in contact with a doctor here in Toronto...who has it.

Campbell and Warrener Held Back

Buffalo, NY (March 29, 2003) -- The Buffalo Sabres today announced defensemen Brian Campbell and Rhett Warrener did not travel with the team to Raleigh, NC, and will not play in tonight's game versus the Carolina Hurricanes due to medical reasons.

Prior to the teams departure to North Carolina last night, the Buffalo Sabres medical staff, in consultation with the Erie County Department of Health and the New York State Department of Health, it was determined there was a remote chance Campbell and Warrener may have had limited exposure to the SARS (Severe Accute Respitory Syndrome) virus. A relative of Campbell, who lives in the Toronto area, has been diagnosed with symptoms related to the SARS virus and may have exposed Campbell and his roommate Warrener while visiting the two earlier this week.

After in depth consultation with everyone involved, the Buffalo Sabres medical staff then determined the best course of action was to be ultra-conservative and leave the two players at home for further medical examination and observation. As of Saturday afternoon, Campbell and Warrener have shown no signs of being infected with the SARS virus
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