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You know the moron Eric? The car looked like a POS to begin with.

I watched him blow by me in a green E36 Sedan, chasing after/racing another idiot in a silver Japanese car (possibily a civic) I don't know.

I was with a friend going south on Hurontario, just after burnanthorpe; I was doing 50km/h (speed limit), he must of blew by at least 130km/h+, my friend pointed out what an idiot the kids were, and how he couldn't drive for shit... 10 seconds later we see the idiots all standing around the E36 sedan after it took down a lightpost just north of dundas on Hurontario.

Car hit smack dead in the center, and took down the post nicely! Surprised the interior was fully intact, front end was pretty well gone.

The driver must of been really drunk, or a really shitty driver to accomplish this.

Was it someone on here? Look like a bunch of persian's or afgans all standing around?

It was pretty sad. Poor kids involved. I hope everyone was okay.

The driver should lose his right to drive after I witnessed the inexperience, and carelessness he clearly showed when he blew by my car, and some others in a 50km/h zone. It was just plain stupid, and I wasn't surprised to see the car end up head first into a light pole a 10 seconds later down the road.

Not only was he risking, his own life (who cares), his passengers, but most importantly other innocent people sharing the road with these morons. I really don't know what I would of done if he lost control and hit my car out of his stupidity and carelessness.


Driver fell asleep behind the wheel, and smashed a light pole. It was around the burnhamthorpe\wolfdale area around the same time.
Amazingly the driver was unhurt and the entire interior is in tact.

BIG thumps up for BMW saftey at its best!
For those interested, the car will be parted out soon.
Includes near mint leather 4dr interior and some low profile rims.
Too bad BMW safety doesn't stop inexperienced idiots like this driver from stepping behind the wheel.

They clearly all looked awake and rowdy to me when they flew by.

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