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Thumbs up Aaaaawsome detail...

If any of you are looking for a truly professional buff, Kevin (a.k.a "Picus") at "GTA in Detail" is your man.
This is not just an average detailing job.....more so...the correct lingo is "Paint Correction".
During this 6 hour multi-step process, Kevin rejuvenated and restored my Individual "336 Agaischblau/Aegean Blue Metallic" paint to it's former glory.
Keep in mind that my '03 540i only has 50K on the odometer and anyone that has seen it can attest to it's mint condition.
Though when Kevin initially flooded his halogen lighting on it, I in disbelief.....swirl/scratch galore.
I bought my car 2nd hand and always knew that my paint had more in it.
Once Kevin did his magic, those gorgeous blue metallic flakes came back to the forefront, just the way I imagined my car should look.
Spent the next hour in my garage.....sitting on a chair...just wowed by her beauty.
I'll be at the next 5er meet, if anyone wants to check out what I'm yapping about.
If any of you were a little apprehensive, in the past, about dropping +/- $350 on getting this highly skilled work done, let me rest you assured that it is worth every penny.
Off to looking at my car some more.....damn addictive...

THNX and respect to you, Kevin !

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