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Originally Posted by daveyto View Post

I may take you up on that offer, except I may have aleak...Can I use the partsource stuff to seal it before using your stuff?


Another thing about those little cans is that you will never get the exact amount of refridgerant in the system, each car calls for it's own amount to operate as it as designed.

On such a new your taking a risk with those stop leak sealers.....They can possibly clog up your system and cause even more expensive repairs. For example it can clog up your condensers or evaporator and those are expensive items to replace. (As with all Stop Leaks, they usually cause more problems than they are worth and usually only considered a quick fix)

If you really insist on doing it yourself, get the the glasses, find the leak, fix the leak yourself.

After the leak is fixed, i recommend getting it filled properly, because it is far better to Vacume the system before filling it. (you can't do this without the machine).

By just filling it with the stuff in the can, you can trap moisture in the system as well as air, which will cause it not to preform as well as it should.

Fix the leak yourself, but unless you have a machine to vacume and fill it properly, i suggest you get it filled properly by a shop.
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