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Originally posted by Shamis
ya ok i was going 140 in a 40 with twisty roads

obviously i spun the car anyone would driving the way i was driving

Doesnt mean that i cant drive and if u say that then ur assuming shit and ur ****in g stupid

first off, i HIGHLY doubt that you were actually doing 140 in a 40 zone, quite frankly I BELIEVE that you were doing 40 in a 40 ZONE!
and you just THAT bad of a driver!!
i mean how dumb do you have to be!!
AND even if you ARE telling the TRUTH (which i VERY MUCH DOUBT) it means EXACTLY what i said it did: that YOU CANNOT DRIVE!!
i'm not assuming, i'm stating the facts, cause if you COULD DRIVE, then you would not have been DUMB ENOUGH to be going that fast in the first place!
and thin air, i was NOT going for a CHEAP SHOT it just angers me that people are THIS IGNORANT i mean the guy smashes his car and then goes racing against subarus and stuff!!
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