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Originally posted by SOLDOMATIC 325i
i doubt it was a TURBO i think that SHAMIS SUCKS at driving his car (we can all see how hes such a FORMULA 1 DRIVER with the recent pics of his car!)!!
and THATS why he got pumped!!
Was this called for? No offense man but why the cheap shot?
I realize this is your opinion here, but he made a mistake, are you guys gonna hold it against him forever?
"Driving is like a narcotic, an addiction that can take over lives. It ruins people, breaks families apart, and even kills. It’s habit that needs to be fueled. Time, money, rationality, sweat, knuckle skin, and anyone who disapproves are of little importance to a driver, and are often overlooked. Hi, I’m Nelson, and I’m a drivaholic."
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