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Question Kijiji/Craigslist scams!!!

I've been browsing through alot of ads for e46 sedans on as well as kijiji & craigslist. There's a bunch of 1999-2000 323's & 328's with higher k's, but in what I thought was a good price range ($6-9,000). Problem is; these ads keep getting reposted almost daily. They claim to be private ads; but I dunno... I want to check on them to see if they're legit, but don't want to be spammed to death or worse...

Are they all scams; or just really motivated sellers? Anyone on a similar search know anything on some of these cars?

On a side note; anyone know about Mehr's auto group on eglington? they have almost exactly what I'd be looking for; but they kinda look like one of those keele/finch car lots...

Thanks for any info.

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