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((((( Buying 1987 E30 -- having last minute, nagging doubts )))))

I am having much the same nagging doubts about actually completing the purchase of this car as I would with another make, but, because I know so little about Bimmers, I have a few extra reservations.

My mechanic is selling a 1987 BMW E30 that he bought, and shipped from Japan. I had it for the afternoon yesterday, drove it around, and had another mechanic friend of mine check it out and drive it.
The car has never winter-driven, and as such, the latter mechanic, after checking it out, says that the body is "mint." The speedometer doesn't work, nor does the odometer, although on the most recent safety inspection (this month), it was listed as having 110,000 kms on it. Finally, it idles quite low, and I was told by the seller that he put a bigger cam(shaft?) than it requires, and that it's not an issue, except that it will idle low.

*My main concern is whether I can, first, still run a VIN check on it if is from overseas, and if I should worry about it being a 22 year old car, albeit one with no rust on the body, and 110,000kms on it. I am attracted to this car because the asking price is within what I want to spend, and, living in New Brunswick, I love the fact that I can buy used, and get into a car with such a great body.*

As with my previous cars, I know that I'll always have maintenance costs, and the like, and it doesn't bother me -- part of buying used.

Am I overthinking this?

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