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I was driving home on Wednesday after work and my Tire Pressure Indicator light came on... "Hmm... that's weird"... When i got home (I have run flats, no rush... lol), checked the tire pressure, about 10psi lower than it was supposed to be *flick* turned on the compressor and filled the bitch back up, thinking it was no big deal and not really thinking twice about it...

Saturday, I was on the way to the mall with my girlfriend and *dling!* again, the ****ing indicator came on... "OK, now this is BS", I thought. Did my shopping, came home checked the tire pressure... 20 PSI... ok, seriously, that's pretty well HALF of whats supposed to be in there.

Didn't have time to do anything about it since it was my birthday weekend and I was going out for dinner...

When i got up on Sunday (and after bitching about it with dbworld4k for about 20 mins), I took the tire off my car, thinking it was a nail in the tire or something..............


Instead, I cracked the inner lip of my Style 230's!!!! WTF?!?!


This is the first time this has ever happened to me.

I blame it on the ****ing GTA potholes, but i can't remember hitting anything as of late.

Mashed in some JB weld for the time being, which has significantly slowed the leak, BUT I still have to buy a new rim for my stupid car, which wont be in until tomorrow.

Again, FML.


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